4 steps to stopping police brutality

“There is an aspect of epiphany that comes from remembering the shame of our past and great storytelling goes a long way to achieving this, for example: 12 Years a Slave and Roots (both the original & recent reboot). But epiphany also comes from understanding the current realities and potential futures.”

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How I will be Voting (CA)

Representatives & State Officials: I will not be voting for representatives and state officials. I honestly don’t know enough about them and don’t think that our current information system really gives us enough information to make an educated decision. I am hoping that by the next election cycle, Polinav will be ready to go, so […]

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My Pet Issues

I’ve never really had a large leaning for missions outside of the US. For me, I’ve just found so much pain within the structural confines that direct our lives here in the US. Structural inequality. Growing older and gaining more understanding of the world around me, I only see how much worse it looks closer to the action. Today, […]

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