Should late term abortions be legal? (HR36)

“Fundamentally, I’m against abortion on the basis that one should deal with the consequences of one’s action & that all life is beautiful regardless of how it happened. With that said, though, I’m for abortion, particularly here in the US, in the current economic climate. Let me explain why…”

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Should we have paid sick days? (S497)

“This shows what I don’t like about pure market capitalism, that we would have to legislate something like this. Without compassion within capitalism, where the quality of life is put above pure profits, you need to legislate things like paid sick days.”

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Should generic drug price increases within Medicaid be limited to inflation? (S1364)

“The reason the prices of these generic drugs have risen is because they can and within a free market economy, of course we should let them! They’ve bought out (or merged with) the competition, so it’s either their drug or nothing else, so they can charge whatever they want for it! They’ve earned the right, according to the free market…but, the big question then becomes whether we want that with our healthcare or not?”

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2.4M people given right to marry! (but how about that Obamacare ruling)

The marriage equality Supreme Court ruling (Obergefell v. Hodges) legalizing gay marriage this past week was in very little doubt, so as historic as it may be, it wasn’t the most controversial ruling of the week. The SCOTUS ruling on the defense of the Affordable Care Act (King v. Burwell), however, popularly known as Obamacare, was the ruling that was in doubt. In the […]

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