What Polinav is about.

Polinav (read “Poly-nav”, short for Political Navigator) is about giving a voice to those who have been marginalized. Does politics currently speak for the people? I can definitively say, “No.” Of course, there are times, over major issues, when the people make their voice heard — think net neutrality, SOPA — but over most areas of our lives, the vast majority of people aren’t heard.

Talking in broad strokes, though, on a daily basis, the people aren’t getting royally screwed in the political realm. Those with a political voice generally get small victories in the short term. But, that’s enough to give them an advantage. In Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers, he talks about how it’s the small advantages, compounded over a lifetime, that give some a higher chance for success: Bill Gates because he lived close to one of a few computers nationwide & because he was born at a specific place in time, placing him at the early days; professional athletes tending to be born in the early part of a year, which leads to them being more physically developed & more likely to be trained since they’re “better than their peers”. This also explains why preschool has such a lasting effect.

So, giving up these small victories is a problem. The elephant in the room now is that they’ve been getting these small victories for decades. Without a change, the poor will continue to languish & our middle class will continue to struggle. One of the biggest lies we’ve been told is that we’re struggling because “we’re not trying hard enough”. Without sufficient opportunity, it doesn’t matter how hard you try.

Think about some of the advantages that you may have had growing up: stable, loving parent(s); a father figure; savings; a loving family; a dependable car; dependable shelter; enough money to never worry about food; a neighborhood without violence; a school where you felt safe; a school where your peers studied; space to study in peace; the disposable income to travel; people who believed in you. Have you had some of these advantages? Maybe all of them? But now think, what if I didn’t have any of these advantages? Would I have been able to become the person that I am today? Without these opportunities, could I have “tried hard enough” to get to where I am today?

So this is what Polinav is about. About giving a voice to the voiceless. About giving everyone an opportunity to succeed. To change the narrative from “you didn’t try hard enough” to “try”.

Okay, so that’s what we’re about. Now how do we get there? The problem is that there aren’t enough people caring about what happens in politics to make politicians listen to the people. The two key words there are: “enough” and “caring”. So our goal is to make politics easy enough that you can care without much effort. Then, to get enough people to care that politicians have to listen to the people.

To accomplish this, we summarize legislation that passes through Congress, then ask for your opinion on how your rep(s) should vote on that bill. Then, we let you know what’s going on through the whole process, including how your rep(s) ended up voting on that bill. The baseline product is very simple, but the essential icing on the cake is to make politics actually engaging. So let us know! How can we make our product more engaging? Help us make an engaging product. Help us get enough people to care. Then finally, we will have an empowered people.

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