Should late term abortions be legal? (HR36)

Summary of Congressional bill HR 36 (114th):

  • Prohibits abortions at 20 weeks and beyond.
  • Exceptions for rape, incest, and when the mother’s health is in danger.

In Depth:

  • If fetus extracted alive, must be taken care of right away.
  • Currently, abortions generally not allowed after 24 weeks.
  • Studies show that fetuses may be able to feel pain at 20 weeks.

Vote Yes if you believe:

  • We must not inflict needless suffering on living beings. #Abortion

Vote No if you believe:

  • Fetuses aren’t likely to survive outside of the womb at 20 weeks. #Abortion link to HR 36

(This is the 1st draft of the summary for a bill in Polinav. Summary & In-Depth is non-partisan & Vote yes/no reasons are fact-checked. if you think something is wrong, should be added or deleted, comment below!)

So, this isn’t about the legality of abortion, but just about at what point it becomes illegal. So Roe v. Wade set it at the viability of the baby, meaning the moment when the fetus could survive outside of the womb. Currently, the earliest that a baby has survived outside of the womb is at 21 weeks and 5 days. In general, though, it becomes illegal to perform an abortion after 24 weeks.

Now the argument this bill brings up is that fetuses are able to feel pain at 20 weeks. Therefore, since fetuses can feel pain during the abortion process, abortion should not be allowed at 20 weeks.

I’m hesitant to put a definitive opinion on abortion out in the public, but here goes. Fundamentally, I’m against abortion on the basis that one should deal with the consequences of one’s action & that all life is beautiful regardless of how it happened. With that said, though, I’m for abortion, particularly here in the US, in the current economic climate. Let me explain why.

First, I think that our deterioration of family values is partly to blame, which I blame on the myriad of items exacerbating poverty in our society today. Second, our adoption system could not handle the influx of orphans (which again relates to poverty). Third, I do hold more libertarian views, so I want less regulation where possible. This kind of situation is one of them because I believe that most people don’t want to get an abortion.

I’ll leave this at that. Now, how to vote on this bill…

Sadly, I would want my representatives to Vote NO on this bill :\.


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