Should late term abortions be legal? (HR36)

“Fundamentally, I’m against abortion on the basis that one should deal with the consequences of one’s action & that all life is beautiful regardless of how it happened. With that said, though, I’m for abortion, particularly here in the US, in the current economic climate. Let me explain why…”

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Should we put a wall up between retail & investment banks? (S1709)

“If commercial banks & investment banks are within the same corporate structure, investment banks are able to use some of the deposits to make their riskier bets. So they use cheap, guaranteed money to make bets on the market. When their bets collapse, as they did in the Great Recession, the depositors from the commercial side of the bank are exposed to that loss, which puts the government on the hook to pay out those deposits.”

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Should GMOs be labeled? (HR1599)

“So, I’m for labeling, but think voluntary labeling works better, because it asks companies whether they want to disclose it or not. Because I don’t believe GMOs are inherently more dangerous than their non-GMO counterparts, I don’t think it should be mandatory. So make it voluntary for both sides, so they can either tout that they’re “GMO-free” or that they use “GMOs”. Than, consumers can decide with their dollars which industry they want to support.”

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Should the Federal Reserve be audited? (S264)

“The Fed just scares me. It has so much influence over our economy, but we don’t really know how it works. Further, there’s just factual items that casts doubt on the legitimacy of the Fed: bill signed on Christmas Eve when many representatives weren’t in DC; income tax instituted the same year; the supposed men who drafted the bill (titans in Finance creating the entity that regulates Finance…); the unusual concentration of bank runs right before the Fed was suggested. If it walks & talks like a bear, is it a bear?”

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